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Suffering with Diseased Teeth or Gums?

Are you currently suffering with diseased teeth or gums? If so, we can help. We are Pure Dental Health, a comprehensive dental practice located in Midtown Atlanta and serving the greater metropolitan area. Our practice specializes in the placement and restoration of dental implants.

Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of holding onto teeth that are diseased or otherwise damaged due to their fear of losing them. The truth is, diseased teeth threaten your health and need to be removed. The bacteria found on diseased teeth and gums can travel by the bloodstream to other parts of your body causing an inflammatory response that can result in a number of serious health problems. In addition, diseased teeth can cause otherwise healthy teeth to become diseased as well.

Atlanta Georgia Replace Diseased Teeth

If you live in Atlanta, Georgia and are looking for a dentist you can trust to replace diseased teeth, call Dr. Justin Scott of Pure Dental Health. Dr. Scott is highly trained and has extensive experience replacing diseased teeth with dental implant supported replacement teeth.

Our patients receive dental implants in the comfort of our clean and contemporary office where they enjoy amenities including valet parking, flat screen televisions, hot scented towels and blankets, noise cancelling headphones, a beverage station and an Internet bar. We also offer local anesthesia as well as sedation dentistry to keep patients relaxed and comfortable during dental procedures.

If you are currently suffering from diseased teeth and gums, contact Pure Dental Health today to see if dental implants are a good solution for you. Our practice is currently accepting new patients and we accept most forms of dental insurance. We also offer financing options for your convenience. We look forward to getting to know you and helping to make your smile the best it can be.

Suffering with Diseased Teeth or Gums? | Replace Diseased Teeth



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